I am


This is my
haircare journey

Everyone told me I was crazy for going natural three years ago.

‘Girl! That’s a lot of work! And you know these salons can’t treat natural hair.’ I admit, I was a little nervous at first. But I just knew it was time to express the true me. No more hiding my authentic self under weaves and extensions. If I could start my own fashion business at 25, I could find the courage to show my true hair to the world.

The scariest part about going natural is getting reacquainted with the hair you’ve
long neglected.

I didn’t know which styles would work or wouldn't. My first appointment at Wild&Grace calmed the storm. My stylist was experienced in natural hair and hooked me up with a Curly Cut that perfectly framed my face. I didn’t know my curls could pop like that! Since then, I’ve picked up the mirror with a little more confidence. I’m getting to know the true me, and I’m learning to love her more and more.


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