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haircare journey

As a woman in advertising, it's my job to help brands communicate what they want to say. One brand I couldn’t figure out though…my hair. Was she better as an edgy bob or with long, flowy waves? I just didn’t know what cut complimented my hair type or what color complimented my eye color. A woman's hair is like her crown, and for years I couldn’t figure out why mine wouldn’t shine.

Things hit a boiling point about a year ago as I was trying to plan my wedding. Stressing over all of the plans for the big day left me feeling even more unsure about my hair. Getting in the chair at Wild&Grace bolstered my confidence for the most important day of my life. My stylist didn't just educate me on styles and colors, she thoroughly investigated my hair & scalp to see what treatments and products would work best for me. I’m finally getting to know my hair, and she’s lovely.


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